The Fynbos Fish Trust

Conserving freshwater fishes

and their habitats in South Africa’s Cape Fold Ecoregion Biodiversity Hotspot.


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A total of 42 Fynbos Fish species have been recognised to date.

But the classification (or taxonomy) of these species is still very much under revision. We are still finding new species, and new information on these species, all the time.

As such, only 23 of the 42 species have been formally described in scientific literature. In the course of these taxonomic revisions, many new Fynbos Fish species have been identified. Most of the newly-found species are restricted to less than five localities – and these are under threat of imminent invasion by predatory non-native fish species.

Fynbos Fish

Cape Fold Ecoregion

Of the 42 recognised species, 40 are ONLY found in the Cape Fold Ecoregion – and nowhere else in the world.


Help us protect these ancient species…

many of which are swimming on the edge of extinction.